North Luzon Expressway

  • The expressway is the longest and most modern expressway in the Philippines
  • The expressway was featured in the music video to the song “Toll Gate” by the band Hale
  • The expressway is the first expressway in Southeast Asia, built and completed during the late 1960s

The North Luzon Expressway (NLE or NLEx), also called North Diversion Road, is a limited-access toll expressway that connects Metro Manila to the provinces of the Central Luzon region in the Philippines. It is one of the two branches of the R-8 major radial road of Metro Manila (Quirino Highway is the other). (Source:Wikipedia)

Toll Plaza - North Luzon Expressway


Correct Lanes

Near Malinta Exit

Something's Amiss

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One Response to “North Luzon Expressway”

  1. thanks for the expressway trivia and the no billboard shots – i’ve only read about it. these are the first images i’ve seen of how it actually looks like.

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