The Doll of ’82


The Doll of ’82, originally uploaded by i m n a s.


While rummaging through the old boxes here in the house, I chanced upon my old toys when I was a kid. I had to thank my mother for that. =) This particular small doll caught my attention. I love its yellow colored dress and the expression on its face.

I had a whole set of dolls like this when I was a kid. I remember my mother put the dolls on display above our television in the living room. The written date on the base of the doll read 11-30-82. That means it has been 24 years since we had this.

When I posted this to flickr, some commented that they were scared of dolls like this. I can’t blame them though. This is not the type of doll you usually cuddle with at night before going to sleep…

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3 Responses to “The Doll of ’82”

  1. He,he… cute doll! In fact I am smiling too now! 🙂

  2. I like this doll! try it on ebay! You may have treasure in Hand.

  3. hello imnas! got your photoblog through flickr.

    i like how this doll smiles.. playfully mischeivous =)

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