Pasko Na! (Malapit Na)


Christmas Lights

Experimenting with my camera. I took a shot of the Christmas lights in the house. Set the shutter speed to 10 seconds and moved the camera diagonally like so. This was my first shot and I got lucky. In my other attempts, I did not obtain the same results. Advance Merry Christmas everyone =)

When I posted these images in flickr, some were surprised that we had Christmas lights set up already. Here in the Philippines, when the “-er” months (September, October, etc.) starts, so does the “Christmas Spirit”. Back in Manila, Christmas songs were already playing in the malls before October! And right now, we have carolers almost everyday. Yes, that’s Christmas in the Philippines =) Usually, my mother would decorate for Christmas on the second week of November.

For the other images, kindly click on the links below: Or to see my photostream, click here

1. Laced Christmas Lights, 2. motion,3. Playing with Christmas Lights, 4. flow – Christmas Lights

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