First Haiku Attempt


Lines and Haiku

The line of nature
Feeds the eye and mind with awe
A natural flow
– By Imnas Sainita

Haiku s a mode of Japanese poetry, the late 19th century revision by Masaoka Shiki of the older hokku, the opening verse of a linked verse form, haikai no renga. The traditional hokku consisted of a pattern of approximately 5, 7, and 5 morae, phonetic units which only partially correspond to the syllables of languages such as English. It also contains a special season word (the kigo) representative of the season in which the renga is set, or a reference to the natural world.

Hokku usually combine two (or rarely, three) different phrases, with a distinct grammatical break (kireji) usually at the end of either the first five or second seven morae. These elements of the older hokku are considered by many to be essential to haiku as well, although they are not always included by modern writers of Japanese “free-form haiku” and of non-Japanese haiku.

Senryu is a similar poetry form that emphasizes humor and human foibles instead of seasons, and which may not have kigo or kireji. – Source: Wikipedia


4 Responses to “First Haiku Attempt”

  1. I enjoy this blog. You take very good photos. I’m very interested in Japanese culture as well and enjoyed your haiku very much. Tugmang tugma sya sa photo na kasama nya

  2. cool twist and curl here…nice colors and framing shot:-)

  3. Lovely haiku and what a beautiful matching picture!
    You are a poet !

  4. 4 imnasph

    Thanks everyone =)

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