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True Love


True love shall see through the dark We shall seek each others hand In the emptiness darkness brings I know you are the light – By Imnas Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte is one of the most famous British novels of all time. Quotes from the book: “It seemed as if my tongue pronounced words […]

Experimenting with my camera. I took a shot of the Christmas lights in the house. Set the shutter speed to 10 seconds and moved the camera diagonally like so. This was my first shot and I got lucky. In my other attempts, I did not obtain the same results. Advance Merry Christmas everyone =) When […]

I’ve always dreamt of a DSLR. I hope Santa gives me one this Christmas (grin). Of course, DSLR’s are way out of my budget so all I can do now is dream (another grin). I have to take a break with the photos and share this news with you all. Nikon has released a new […]

I recently found a site that will spell any word from images of letters from flickr. You can check out the site here. It was created by Eric Kastner. Here’s my name:     Technorati Tags: flickr, flickr toys, images, photography

While I was on a taxi going home, I heard in the radio that the Anti-Billboard Blight Act (otherwise known as Senate Bill 1714) by Senator Miriam Santiago regarding the complete eradication of billboards in the Metro was approved immediately after she presented it to the Senate. This was of course a reaction to the […]